According to the official history of “The Army Air Forces in World War II, Volume VI, Men and Planes,” and a chart titled “Norms for AAF Combat Groups,” found on page 59, the following standard for equipment and personnel was applicable to a USAAF photo-reconnaissance squadron (photo-recon squadrons could operate independent of a group structure, as did the 35PRS in the CBI):

Major Type of Plane:  F-5 (P-38)

Number of Planes:  24

Number of Crews:  21

Men Per Crew:  1

Total Personnel:  347

Total Officers:  50

Total Enlisted:  297

Future postings will discuss the subject of equippage and personnel in the 35PRS, as well as that of squadron disposition.  For shortly after arrival in China in September, 1944, the squadron established separate flights at forward airfields, to help meet the demanding photo-intelligence requirements of a very large and diverse area of operations. 

These flights essentially operated independent of the squadron.  Once in the combat theatre, all the 35PRS aircraft and all the personnel were split up, never really to come together at a single place to conduct operations.