A picture says a thousand words, the old saying goes.  And so it is today in the Digital Age.

As mentioned recently on this blog, Mr. Allen Larsen is co-author/photographer of a published collection of wartime photographs from China, “China in the Eyes of Flying Tigers, 1944-1945.”  In 2013, Mr. Larsen was interviewed about his book by news correspondent Mr. Nathan King.   You can see this short video (2:26) and Mr. Larsen’s gregarious smile, at:

Of note, Ms. Aileen Garra Lim provided this date this very interesting update to the video commentary, “…the ‘little girl’ mentioned in the video with the doll, she recently wrote a letter to Allen Larsen! Apparently, her relative bought a copy of the book in Chengdu (near Kunming) in mid-southern China, thought the photo of the doll looked familiar, and they confirmed it was her by another photo!”