This photo can probably yield many stories, but it appears to be a simple scene from China in the immediate postwar period, circa late 1945.

RFedhawks interact with the local people in Kunming, China, late 1944.
Redhawk members interact with the local people at Hangchow railroad station, China, late 1945. (Courtesy China Daily Forum blog )

Here, several members of the 35th PRS are seen engaged in the local culture.  Standing, from left to right, are an unidentified Airman, unidentified Airman, John “Jack” R. Hild (not wearing glasses), next to him Chester D. “Chet” Krejci (with pipe).  Note the 35PRS Redhawk emblem on the left front of T/Sgt Krejci’s jacket.  The CBI theater shoulder insignia is seen on his left shoulder.

Kneeling down and bartering with a Chinese woman as a Chinese youth observes are, from left to right, Gordon O. Ham (not smoking), and an unidentified Airman.

This photo was taken by then “Buck” Sergeant H. Allen Larsen (he received his NCO rocker later) and is now reproduced on the cover of “China in the Eyes of Flying Tigers 1944-1945,” a collection of photos taken in China by H. Allen Larsen and William L. Dibble.  Sample photos from the book can be seen in a 29 May 2012 posting titled “Revisiting H. Allen Larsen’s Amazing Color Photos Of China Circa 1944-1945,” at:


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