Certainly it became merry at “G” Flight when Captain Dent returned from India bearing gifts for the men of the flight.  His return via Kunming was a little bit “festive” perhaps, as the Japanese bombed the base on Christmas Eve, following through with Japanese threats to the American forces stationed at Kunming.

Allen Larsen, with the Photogrammetry Section at Kunming, remembered ““Tokyo Rose” had ‘forecast’ that we would be having Christmas Dinner in India or she would have our dog tags.”  The Imperial Japanese forces made sporadic efforts against Kunming in the holiday season to achieve this aim, though they were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, about 175 miles to the west, the Combat Intel Officer at “G” Flight, and jack of all ground officer trades, Lt, Arthur Clark, witnessed Dent’s arrival from Kunming on Christmas Day.  He recalls of that Christmas Day at Yunnanyi: “I remember Dent’s coming and bringing items to eat and drink. I believe we had a couple of beer’s apiece.”  With the flight busy with support of the Salween Campaign, it was a welcome break.

While some might smile to see a reference to a couple bottles of beer and think it no big deal, one must remember the incredible logistics efforts involved in getting anything to China in World War II.  A smile about two bottles of beer could truly be genuine, especially if you were an American serviceman in China in 1944!

And to the readers of this web log, however you might celebrate it, a Merry Christmas to you and yours!  If anyone should need a reminder of what Christmas is about, just listen to Linus explain it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPhqMJpQsYQ